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Electronics Projects, Hobby and Home Supplies

Projects are undertaken by persons with technical knowledge in electronics. An example of projects in industry include the design and build special test equipment, or an item to aid product assembly, or to fabricate engineering models of a new design. This can also include the need for sufficient quantities of product to support the build of beta test quantities for field testing of a new product prior to finalizing a production design. The hobbiest has technical knowledge in the field of electronics and a good idea of what component, tool, test equipment, project box, chemical, or other item that they need. An example of an advanced hobbiest would be an amateur radio buff, operator or club that is in need of AARL books, repair parts, parts to build a piece of special design. Home electronic need include TV antenna and accessories, LAN wiring and accessories, audio items, wall power adapters and test wquipment like multimeters. We offer the items necessary to improve the performance of your system. The project, hobby or home individual may view the range of items (refer to the "Products" scroll-down menu) available to meet your needs. I R Supply operates a no minimum sales floor and has a heritage of supporting the Cedar Rapids area since the late 40's. Give us a try.